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Wrandim 7/30/2014 8:41 PM
We are still alive....contrary to popular belief!!

is is to lay down a foundation for who we are, what we stand for and basic rules of conduct. Please feel free to comment and give suggestions. Dratonas

We are Elite. A fellowship of friends and family dedicated to building a fun and friendly enviroment to game in. Elite stands on the tenets of kindness, honesty, and loyalty. A member of Elite shall respect and strive to support their guildmates. Most of all strive to protect Elite from the dangers of stupidity!

Treat your guildmates with respect. Do not insult them, call them names, curse at them, or make fun of their misfortunes. This will only fuel negativity, and we are joined together for a common cause.

Help players in need when at all possible. This includes those who are not guildmates. Elite will be known as a guild to respect because of the respect we show others.

Do not give others false information. Please specify if it is speculation and verify if possible.

Lying to or misleading a guildmate will not be tolerated.

There is sometimes a need to join other groups to get a level, but remember, you are in Elite and the guild is a unit. If a guildmate needs help and you can accommodate, then you are expected to support them.

Remember that Elite will only be as strong as it’s weakest members. So help to train and build each other up.

A member of Elite must exhibit these qualities of kindness, honesty, and loyalty. A member should have a high moral ethical standard and honor the authorities in the guild. We must have a spirit of nobility to recognize those imperfections and flaws in ourselves, to find the good in others, and without question, we must do the right thing regardless of what it will cost

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Dratonas, Dec 21, 10 9:44 AM.
Don't forget to vote for the new member of the month !! Who will be the new member on the month next month ?!?!?!  Every Vote counts!!
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The characters you see here are the characters that I play the most. I have been spending all my time on the Orien server since I found an awesome guild by the name of ELITE. If you are interested in a close knit bunch of people that have a passion for DDO, then this is the place.
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